We Are Team Phantom.

The first thing that comes to mind when we think about Team Phantom is family.
We are a team that strives not only to innovate but also to be inclusive towards all faculties across SFU. With the help of our talented, multidisciplinary team, we work towards bringing fun and exhilaration into the sustainability world.

The Team

At SFU, there are only a few clubs that operate on a project based goal and are inclusive of members of all faculties. Building an SAE Electric race car requires a diverse body of students with different skillsets from a wide variety of backgrounds. To achieve this, we strive to build a tight-knit family working together to connect with our community.

In addition, our team is based in SFU Surrey, which offers programs to a diverse selection of students and allows us to work with them in location that's more convenient for them. We love to participate in events such as Fusion Fest, Party for the Planet Surrey, and Community BBQs so that we can give back and educate our supportive locals.

The Car

We’re currently working on our first prototype, which is being built upon the chassis of an old petroleum go-kart. We are working on restoring and modifying the chassis to fit our design needs and carry all of the additional parts required by an electric vehicle. We are also designing and building our own control circuitry and firmware. The goal of the go-kart is to serve as a platform on which we can learn and better iterate through our design and testing processes and help us keep our costs relatively low during this process.

The Challenge

Formula SAE Electric is an engineering design competition for undergraduate and graduate students. Participating in the competition gives us the opportunity to enhance our engineering, design, and project management skills by applying learned classroom theories in a challenging competition. The goal of the competition is to develop and construct a single-seat race car for the non-professional weekend autocross racer with the best overall package of design, construction, performance and cost.

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